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Original Host
Co-Host (first name)
Co-Host (first name)
Number four on hosting depth chart
Talking Beam
Westminster Kennel Club judge with a rap in her honor
Cowgirl rodeo hostess with a rap in her honor
Female Fresno State bowler with a rap in her honor
Wrestler with a rap about how he 'does not use his bone'
Spelling Bee participant with 'magic fingers'
Fake name of Sudheer Potru (1997 Spelling Bee)
'Look, it's putt-putt _____ _____' (Hall of Fame pitcher)
In 'Mormon, Foreman, Gorman,' what is Gorman's last name?
'Holiday, ______' (1989 Holiday Bowl)
'I wanna ______ with you in the mornin' time'

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