Name my Job - Final Fantasy

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Can you name the Correct job for the Final Fantasy character??

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How to Play
Warrior Of LightFinal Fantasy
Vivi OrunitiaFinal Fantasy IX
Bartz KlauserFinal Fantasy V
Sabin FigaroFinal Fantasy VI
Agrias OakFinal Fantasy Tactics
Cecil Harvey (during the game becomes a...)Final Fantasy IV
LunethFinal Fantasy III
Edward Chris von MuirFinal Fantasy IV
Mustadio BunansaFinal Fantasy Tactics
FirionFinal Fantasy II
Celes ChereFinal Fantasy VI
Kain HighwindFinal Fantasy IV
UltimeciaFinal Fantasy VIII
Quina QuenFinal Fantasy IX
Setzer GabbianiFinal Fantasy VI
Rosa FarrellFinal Fantasy IV
YunaFinal Fantasy X
Cecil Harvey (begins the game as a...)Final Fantasy IV
Locke ColeFinal Fantasy VI
Ramza BeoulveFinal Fantasy Tactics
BalthierFinal Fantasy Tactics: The War of The Lions
Irvine KinneasFinal Fantasy VIII
SephirothFinal Fantasy VII
TellahFinal Fantasy IV
Yuffie KisaragiFinal Fantasy VII

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