Most Watched Youtube Videos (10/12/09)

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Can you name the Most Watched Youtube Videos (10/12/09)?

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DescriptionVideo TitleYouTube Name
In my personal opinion, a girl talks like an idiot and such as...
A man sings about tasty percipitation
A song about bad dates
A man offers happiness
I hope the force is not with him
A small animal surprises his mother
He's wanted for attempted murder
T-Pain goes sailing
A suicidal bird fulfills his life-long dream
Men dance on treadmills
A girl buys fancy footwear, OMG
Girl/Boy cries about a pop diva
DescriptionVideo TitleYouTube Name
A horned horse and his friends go to Candy Mountain
Magician puppets sing to a catchy beat
A baby laughs at noises
Intense rodent: Dun dun DUN!!!!
Little British kids munch on digits
A wima way a wima way
A man dances through the ages
German boy dances to techno music
...and a baseball bat
Prisoners dance to Michael Jackson
Watch this, and you will have GRATUITOUS AMOUNTS OF ENERGY
A teenager wails on his electric instrument

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