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A three-wheeled vehicle driven by young children
A branch of math involving sine, cosine, etc.
To calculate someone's or something's position
To waste ones time (v) or a dessert (n)
A dinosaur with three horns on its head
The bench where a judge sits or a meeting of the higher authority
A stream flowing into a large river or lake; an affluent
A meeting in a court between two parties to settle a dispute or often used before error in a method
To slowly drip water or a saying involving going down the ladder of importance
What most children say when they ring a doorbell on Halloween
A game involving three words with a common link between them
Fear of the number thirteen (13)
A journey, either for business or with family for vacation
Being of small or little importance, also in the name of a board game
A geological period which started the mesozoic period
A brand of gum which is said to help clean your teeth
A type of molar tooth or a valve in the heart
A shape with three sides
A small ornament or piece of jewelry

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