Feelings - Vietnamese-English Vocab #1

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Can you name the English words to match these Vietnamese feelings?

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Vietnamese WordEnglish WordExample Sentence
đauHis big sister's mean words left him ____.
thoải máiI'm very _____ lying on my pillows and under my blanket.
ốmAfter a long night of drinking, their father seemed very ____.
khát nướcI'm so ____; please give me a drink.
đóiI'm so ____, but my husband isn't finished cooking.
băn khoăn / hồi hộpIt was their first date, so both the boy and girl were ____.
nóngThe sun is shining outside and my body feels so ___.
chán ghétI was _______ by the trash pile in front of my house.
đau đớnAfter she kicked his stomach, the bully was _____
bình tĩnhAlthough the exam was difficult, she was very ____ and did not panic.
Vietnamese WordEnglish WordExample Sentence
lạnhSince the snow fell, it has become very ___.
loHe was very ____ about not meeting her again.
cô đơn / lẻ loiWith all her friends far away, she felt _____.
noMy son cooked a very good meal and now I'm very ____ from his food.
yêu nhauAfter 30 years of marriage, the couple was still _ _____.
buồn ngủI'm very ______ after working all night.
hết loThe girl was very _____ after finding a job immediately after graduating.
không thoải máiThe chairs on this bus are very hard and ______.
khoẻ lại / khỏiAfter he stopped drinking and smoking, he was very _____.

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