A Charlie Brown Christmas

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The show opens with these lyrics
Whom does Charlie Brown sarcastically thank for a card?
Pantophobia is the fear of:
What Lucy really wants for Christmas
'Find the true meaning of Christmas! Win _______ !'
The denomination of bills Sally wants from Santa
The Beethoven piece Schroeder wants to play for Christmas
The five good reasons for Linus to remember his lines
'You wouldn't hurt an _______ , would you?'
'Get hot water! Get some disinfectant! Get some _______ !'
The type of tree Lucy sends Charlie Brown to buy
'Isn't there anyone who knows _______ ?'
The New Testament book that Linus quotes from
'And there were in the same country, shepherds abiding in the field, _______'
'I've _______ . Everything I touch gets ruined.'
What the kids shout after Charlie Brown sees his little tree all decorated
The closing song sung by the Peanuts gang
The creator of Charlie Brown
The director of 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'
The composer of the score for 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'
The original channel for broadcast
The year 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' was first aired
The best Christmas TV special of all time!

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