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Did You Know?...AnswerExtra Hey You, Pikachu! for the Nintendo 64 if you were to say '___________' into the microphone Pikachu gets angry.
...the second row of masks in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is based off of ____ ___ characters.
...the first commercial home video game console is the ________ _______.
...when the ___________ _ came out, it cost Sony $250 more to manufacture than it cost the consumer to buy.
...the game _____ _______ was so named because it was supposed to be Square's last game.
...originally _________ was going to be a playable racer in Mario Kart 64, but Donkey Kong took his place instead.
...the game Grand Theft Auto IV uses the font from the TV show ___ _____ __ _____.
...Devil May Cry was originally intended to be a new chapter in the ________ ____ series.
... in the Pokémon series it would seem that Ditto is a failed clone of ___.
Did You Know?...AnswerExtra
...the fungi Fly Agaric was the inspiration for the _____ ________ in the Mario series.
...before Super Mario Bros. 2, Mario had ___ overalls with a ____ shirt.
...the PlayStation was originally planned as a ________ (video game company) console. is not humanly possible to press a button on a controller more than __ times a second.
...the game __ ___ _____ ___________ was so poorly recieved that it is considered to be responsible for the video game industry crash of 1983.
...Sonic the Hedgehog's first appearance was as an air freshener in the racing game ___ ______.
...the ___ ___-___ had the one of most expensive launch prices for a game console asking $993 (accounting for inflation).
...there are currently only __ titles rated AO by the ESRB.
...a demo was made for Halo: Combat Evolved for the ________ __.

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