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*White, long necked, beautiful birds.*
Past tense of swim.
A line of stiches.
A long piece of steel.
*The bill of a bird.*
Gesture used to signal someone.
The opposite of the front.
Absence of something.
*Old World Bird with a long, straight hind claw.*
Hog fat.
Not soft.
To listen attentively.
*Large bird of pray, or a retired skateboarder.*
To viciously butcher with a knife or other sharp object.
The adventures of (this rung) Finn
*Daffy, Ferdinand, Howard, of the Aflac mascot.*
Nickname for Richard
Six sided game pieces.
How swimmers go into a pool.
*A pure white bird signaling peace
A hollow in a mountain, usually near water
Genetic, Morse, Gödel, Bar, Honor, Alarm
To omen for
Wait for the right time, (this rung) one's time.
Attack using the mouth.
*Children's toy for a windy day.*
Nickname for Katherine.
to lessen or diminish
A large bundle of hay.
Round object often used in sports.
Aggressive mammal, male cow.
*Long winged, webbed feet aquatic birds.*

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