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HintTeam- may have to add 's'
purple and black bird
forms of it are black and grizzly
Halloween striped tiger like animal
King of the Jungle
he who packs
an ugly color
A robber
Barbarians who resided in Scandanvia
Dweller of Texas
A black and red magnificent bird
a baby male horse
Your mom.
Your mom.
Important people in the Christian religion
Gods of Roman Age
Person who vigorously supports their country
HintTeam- may have to add 's'
Type of whale in the ocean
A pirate of the Spanish American coats
Nickname for William
Old timers who fought in gay clothes and gay boots with spurs
Fancy type of plane
the US bird but with hair
An American Indian
A beautiful red bird
a wild horse
Leader of Indian Tride
Got name from Goldrush
a bird or a helicopter
a person who suddenly attacks
What you do to your computer when the battery is low
A bull-like animal

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