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Can you name the words and names taken from this mystery celebrity's name?

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academy award winning actress whose name contains the answers to the following questions
On a beach or desert
don't walk but...
war on drugs campaign slogan 'just say....'
two-letter conjunction before a noun that starts with a vowel
Flock of Seaguls hit 'I...'
gives us warmth
indicating an action
Another word for a donkey
'Gosh_ it!'
the mystery celebrity played this kind of role that earned her the Oscar
The Corleone family had men who were these
retired news anchorman_Rather
adding this to make one's image more exciting
to shake your head up and down
the mystery celebrity has two of these
The Who's compilation 'Odds and_'
water and soap create these
late 'sexploitation' filmmaker_ Myers

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