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Song TitlesArtist
Cabron, Otherside, Californication
Holiday, Music, Vogue
Songbird, Lyla, Wonderwall
Angel, Truly, Hello
Everyday, Crush, Satellite
Alive, Sabotage, Intergalactic
Swallowed, Comedown, Glycerine
Poundcake, Panama, Eruption
Gingerbread, Venus, Why
Vasoline, Creep, Plush
Amazing, Angel, Jaded
Gel, Run, December
Burn, More, Yeah!
Secret, Frozen, Borderline
Forever, Picture, Bawitdaba
Clumsy, Glamorous, Fergalicious
Jumper, Blinded, Graduate
Innervision, Aerials, Toxicity
Gloria, Domino, Moondance
Skeletons, Overjoyed, Superstition
Always, Everyday, Runaway
Doubleback, Legs, Tush
Jailbreak, Thunderstruck, Moneytalks
LoveStoned, Senorita, SexyBack
Outshined, Superunknown, Spoonman
Again, Nasty, Escapade
Fantasy, Getaway, September
Unwell, Bent, Push
One, Fuel, Breadfan
Papercut, Crawling, Faint
Kitty, Lump, Peaches
Sometimes, Lucky, Womanizer
Talk, Yellow, Clocks
Rebels, Breakdown, Refugee
Kiss, Cream, Batdance
Photograph, Hysteria, Foolin'
Pamela, Rosanna, Africa
Suzanne, Lights, Faithfully
Angel, Possession, Adia
Threshold, Swingtown, Abracadabra
Dreams, Linger, Zombie
Stand, Nightswimming, Electrolite
Song TitlesArtist
Pink, Crazy, Cryin'
Dreams, Unchained, Jump
Monkey, Fastlove, Faith
Zimbabwe, Exodus, Jamming
Shakedown, Katmandu, Mainstreet
One, Desire, Vertigo
Dreaming, Rapture, Atomic
Alfie, LDN, Smile
Birthday, Help!, Blackbird
Summertime, Young, Shiftwork
Lovegame, Telephone, Alejandro
Hot, Girlfriend, Complicated
Slide, Name, Iris
Neon, Say, Daughters
Ours, Someday, Fly
Dreamlover, Fantasy, Emotions
3, Stronger, Toxic
Prayer, Remember, Stupify
1979, Disarm, Today
Cruiser, Magic, Drive
Again, Nutshell, Rooster
Kate, Jackson, Hurt
Honey, Heartbreaker, Hero
Mother, Time, Money
Picnic, Sincerely, Sugartime
Jesusland, Landed, Brick
Darlin', 409, Kokomo
One, Celebrate, Shambala
Robots, Bowie, Mermaids
Magic, Physical, Xanadu
Respectable, Angie, Shattered
Gumboots, Graceland, Kodachrome
One, Torn, Higher
Stiletto, Pressure, Allentown
Lady, Babe, Renegade
Escape, Hero, Bailamos
Dreamer, Windy, Cherish
Alive, Black, Jeremy
Running, Bathwater, Spiderwebs
Blessed, Believe, Levon
Angel, Think, Respect
Lost, Home, Hollywood
Song TitlesArtist
Heroes, Changes, Fame
Fever, Surrender, Don't
Volunteers, Mexico, Planes
Pearl, Dizzy, Sheila
Mudshovel, Fade, Outside
Low, Wheels, Everlong
Cocaine, Layla, Circus
Nightshift, Still, Easy
Supreme, Angels, Millennium
Bad, Ben, Scream
X, Paparazzi, Multiply
Whatever, Awake, Voodoo
Umbrella, SOS, Disturbia
Aerodynamic, Technologic, Derezzed
Beastie, Teacher, Aqualung
Unbreakable, Girlfriend, Thriller
Cherish, Fresh, Celebration
Peg, Josie, Bodhisattva
Soulshine, Melissa, Jessica
Sugar, Elevator, Low
Heavy, Hollywood, Shine
Nightmare, Stardust, Frenesi
Biko, Steam, Sledgehammer
Gone, Grillz, Dilemma
Michelle, Something, Yesterday
Lateralus, Parabola, Schism
Rain, Taxman, Revolution
Strangelove, Stripped, Wrong
Carnival, Jealousy, Wonder
Creep, Unpretty, Waterfalls
Never, Alone, Barracuda
Warning, Minority, Longview
Gump, Fat, Yoda
Unsent, Uninvited, Ironic
Darlene, Heartbreaker, Kashmir
Mystify, Mediate, Disappear
Warning, Circles, Drive
Fins, Volcano, Margaritaville
Lost!, Trouble, Paradise
Nikita, Sacrifice, Daniel

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