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Can you name the Disney movie given the setting and/or time period?

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settingMovieInteresting Fact
'package' movie; Toad Hall; Wild Wood; Sleepy Hollow
First of two 'package movies' set in Latin America
1600s Europe; ballroom; castle
1920s New Orleans
'package' movie; Happy Valley; circus
french village; approx. 100 years ago; castle
streets of New York City; set during time of release
various settings; an iceberg; 1930s New York City; wizard's castle; an ark in biblical days;
Edwardian London; pirate ship
1909 America; Christmas morning at beginning
Paris, France; 1910
Southeastern United States; circus
Prehistoric times
400 A.D.; China
various settings; wizard's castle; prehistoric times; Bald Mountain
New York City; Hollywood; set during time of release
Medieval England; King Arthur's castle
medieval Europe (probably England); cottage; forest; castle
London; 1897; Baker Street
1878 Western America; Patch of Heaven Dairy Farm
Prydain, Wales; Caer Dallben; mythical times
Second of two 'package movies' set in Latin America
Sherwood Forest; medieval England
setting determined by a time machine!
Underwater kingdom of Atlantica
settingMovieInteresting Fact
Deep jungles of Madhya Pradesh, India
outer space; setting also in title of movie; set during time of release
Agrabah in the middle East
Late 1800s; Africa
Hawaii; set during time of release;
Pacha's village; the palace; time of the Incan Empire
Hundred Acre Wood; somewhere in England
school; baseball diamond; set during time of release
Late 1400s Paris, France;
London; time period is same as year released
'package' movie of various settings; russian woods; baseball diamond
1600s Europe; tallest tower of a castle
Australian Outback
mythical underwater city
Forest; a lake; badger's den
1800s Italy
post ice-age North America; the wilderness
unknown country; the woods
Devil's Bayou; New York City; set during time of release
'package' movie; Early America; 1800s Texas; musical setting with a bee
Pride Lands; African Serengeti
Germany; fairy tale times; the tower room of a castle
Ancient Greece
Virginia; 1607

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