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Can you name the Chicago answers based on these clues (easy if you are from Chicago)?

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Chicago's Tallest building (Current Name)
Chicago's Second Tallest
Street that seperates east/west Chicago
Street that seperates north/south
There is a Chicago street named after each of the 5 great lakes, Name the one that has a different directional orientation than the rest.
Cubs biggest rival
Bears biggest rival
Blackhawks biggest rival
Team White Sox beat in 2005 world series.
Besides Pippen and Jordan, Name a player that started for the 1996 72-10 Chicago Bulls.
What is the only train you can ride from Wrigley Field to US Cellular?
Highway Named after 34th president
Highway named after runner up of same presidential election
College nicknamed 'Flames'
Event that occured in October 1871
Biggest tourist destination in Illinois
'Big East' School
Only Residential Building east of Lakeshore Drive

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