Fill in the names in Primus songs

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Can you name the names in these Primus songs?

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____ The FishermanFrizzle Fry
Captain ______Tales from the Punchbowl
______'s Big Brown BeaverTales from the Punchbowl
___ ___'s Little DittyPork Soda
My Friend ____Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People
You Can't Kill _______ MalloyFrizzle Fry
_____ Was A Race Car DriverSailing the Seas of Cheese
___Pork Soda
______ Of The RocksFrizzle Fry
The Ballad Of _________Antipop
____ Didn't Raise No FoolAntipop
_____ The CatSailing the Seas of Cheese
___'s Party Time LoungeBrown Album
Mrs. ________Tales from the Punchbowl
My Name Is ___Pork Soda
Electric Uncle ___Antipop
Natural ___Antipop
Sgt. _____Sailing the Seas of Cheese
_______ And the Proverbial Mind SpreadBrown Album
Mr. _______Pork Soda

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