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What formation does Spike like to run?
What does Kevin O'Shea's license plate say?
According to Spike, if you mess with him... you mess with...
Who scores the game winning touchdown in the big game?
What does Spike’s dad use to massage Spike’s hamstrings?
According to Kevin O’Shea, who is the “backbone” of the Cowboys?
What number does Spike wear for the Cowboys?
Who is the Giants “neighborhood friendly gasman?”
How much time does the Giant’s have to fun the last play?
At Kevin O'Shea Chevorlet, what is Kevin's slogan?
What is in Kevin O'Shea's mouth at all times?
What is the Giants game winning play called?
What is Becky’s nickname?
Where do you first see Junior Floyd?
Rudy Zoltek's stomach was used to draw up what play?
What is Junior Floyd's mom's name?
What number does “Hot Hands” Hanon want?
At what age was Spike when he did his first pull up?
Who does Johnny run to when it is 'pitched' to him?
What is Spikes dad's response to what Kevin O'Shea said to his team a day before the game?

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