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Can you name the facts about The Office's awesomely judgemental Angela Martin?

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Angela calls Meredith an _____ before visiting her in the hospital
Michael calls her this Gilligan's Island character on the booze cruise
Angela's long-time lover
Angela's beloved dead cat
Angela guards these at the Diwali celebration
Her job title
Because of Jan's attire, Angela believes she aspires to be a _____
Her character in Season 6's 'Murder'
She would take this book to a desert island so she could burn it
Her forehead card in 'Diversity Day'
Her Christmas party theme in Season 3
Once aware of Oscar's homosexuality, she applies this hygiene product
Michael wants Angela to get an ice sculpture for this Season 4 party
Angela heads this committee in the early seasons of The Office
The first pair of duelists for Angela's affection
Her temporary job title in Season 3's 'Product Recall'
Martin family code for 'check out the ****'
She gives this gift on Valentine's Day in Season 2
This character disrespects her at the company picnic
Her useless number two
Angela's middle name
Sometimes the clothes at _______ are just too flashy.
Angela accepted this character's proposal in 'Goodbye, Toby'
Angela is repulsed by ______ on Casual Friday
______ cannot squat over some trench or be in canvas that long

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