Extremes of the Universe

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Can you name the various different extremes of the universe?

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Largest man-made lake/reservoir?
Highest density country in the world?
Country with the lowest death rate in the world?
Who has been struck by lightning the most times?
Planet with the shortest day?
Largest meteorite crater?
Largest city by population?
Largest egg laid by an animal?
World's largest island?
Country with the largest natural-growth walnut forest?
What is the highest mountain?
Driest desert on Earth?
What is the hottest planet in the solar system?
Windiest place on Earth?
Richest country? (Highest GNP)
What is the warmest ocean?
Fastest bird in a dive?
Where is the deepest man-made hole?
What is the largest volcano?
Biggest artefact in the universe?
Most Popes per square km?
Wettest place on Earth?
Highest region in the world?
Country with the highest birth rate?

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