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Can you name the Heroes of Greek Mythology?

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He was a powerful Greek warrior, fought in Trojan war, was dipped in the river styx as a baby
He was a son of Zeus, cut off medusa's head, saved andromeda from a sea monster
He was a legendary mortal who founded the argonauts and found the golden fleece
He was a famous musician, member of the Argonauts. Journeyed to the Underworld to save his wife
He was a son of Zeus, exploited to kill his wife and children, performed twelve labors, killed the hydra
He was the son of Aegeus, defeated the minotaur
He was a man who found the winged horse pegasus, and killed the Chimera. Tried to fly to Olympus
He was a Greek warrior known for his intellect, created the Trojan Horse, spent 10 years journeying home
She was a famous Greek athlete known for losing a footrace, e by picking up some shiny golden apples

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