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Name this TOACM character...
Former beat cop who has a thing against masked do-gooders?
Current Felon-Fighter who seems to have all the answers? (HINT: Endorses the breakfast cereal, Righty-O's)
Name of the city guarded by our plaid protector?
A wannabe master crook and all 'round nogoodnik?
Ancient immortal hero who is both a current and founding member of the Felon-Fighters?
Felon-Fighter who was on monitor duty during the 'Dark Cloud Incident'?
An omniscient watcher or internal monologue?
A founding member of the Felon-Fighters who was once a travelling magician?
Our hero's easy-going roommate?
Founder, president, and CEO of ChetCo?
Name this TOACM character...
One of the original Felon-Fighters, our hero's childhood idol for whom a unique law in Exotic City is named?
Has the distinct honor of being the first person rescued by our hero?
The patterned protagonist of the story?
This trio seems to hang out with our hero on his favorite rooftop?
Store clerk who dabbles in arcane magics he doesn't fully understand?
Local 24-7 convenience store and occasional occult ritual site?
An ancient evil from beyond the stars?
Famed celebrity superhero and leader of the Legion of Felon-Fighters?
Nightclub where you can hear live jazz and rub elbows with local thugs and criminals?
A group of criminals, thugs, and henchmen who hide out at a local jazz club?

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