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Name this TOACM character...
A wannabe master crook and all 'round nogoodnik?
Has the distinct honor of being the first person rescued by our hero?
Felon-Fighter who was on monitor duty during the 'Dark Cloud Incident'?
Local 24-7 convenience store and occasional occult ritual site?
A group of criminals, thugs, and henchmen who hide out at a local jazz club?
The patterned protagonist of the story?
Former beat cop who has a thing against masked do-gooders?
An ancient evil from beyond the stars?
An omniscient watcher or internal monologue?
Current Felon-Fighter who seems to have all the answers? (HINT: Endorses the breakfast cereal, Righty-O's)
Name this TOACM character...
Nightclub where you can hear live jazz and rub elbows with local thugs and criminals?
Ancient immortal hero who is both a current and founding member of the Felon-Fighters?
One of the original Felon-Fighters, our hero's childhood idol for whom a unique law in Exotic City is named?
This trio seems to hang out with our hero on his favorite rooftop?
Famed celebrity superhero and leader of the Legion of Felon-Fighters?
Store clerk who dabbles in arcane magics he doesn't fully understand?
Name of the city guarded by our plaid protector?
A founding member of the Felon-Fighters who was once a travelling magician?
Founder, president, and CEO of ChetCo?
Our hero's easy-going roommate?

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