Three Vowels in a Row

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Can you name the words with three vowels in a row?

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ClueWordThree Vowels
When words sound like what they are representing (4 Vowels)O E I/E I A
A wild mountain sheep of North Africa, also called a Barbary sheepA O U
TillingO E I
Reigning femaleU E E
The study of man's past by studying material remainsA E O
ClueWordThree Vowels
Of, like, or containing water (4 Vowels)U E O/E O U
A country house in FranceE A U
A deskE A U
A implement with a rubber blade, used to get excess water off of a surface, like a windowU E E
What many people think of as the first bird of sortsA E O
ClueWordThree Vowels
Unpredictible, erraticI O U
Happiness, jollityA E I
The capital of Burkina FasoO U A
Having more than one possible meaningU O U
Making blue by dying or other colourationU E I

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