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Simpsons father
The Lone Star State
In pole position
A type of beer fermented at low temperatures
The Phantom of the _____
Someone who follows Queensbury rules
Big, or $1000
One 16th of a pound
Bean used to make chocolate
Where you get wool and mutton from
The symbol ','
Brits call them crisps
Type of orange and Israeli port city
Celebration, festival
Most populated country
Not male
Processed wood pulp
English greeting
Yard brush
What James and the insects lived in
Side of the face
Capital of Egypt
Leaf on Canada's flag
Legend of _____; Ocarina of Time
Goddess of love
One of Santa's reindeer; female fox
Stomach lining of a cow
A family of instruments and an alloy
Bow's projectile
Dwarf planet
State of matter
Goes in the toaster
N on a compass
Stripy equine animal
Holy table
Front of torso
Opposite of plus
A god, goddess, etc.
Torso clothing
Something a teacher may shout to a noisy class
New Delhi is its capital
Control-V or Command-V
The founder of the Christian faith
Makeup; French for 'red'
Gold, silver, and bronze prizes
Non-stripy equine animal
Borough of New York
Language of the Netherlands
Element no. 5
Santiago is its capital
You find them in decks, packs or suits
Home of Toyota
You cut with it
Simpsons mother
All colours of light reflected
Chin hair
_____ I, Elizabeth I's successor
A suit in cards
Sir Francis _____
Prometheus and Cronus were two
Circular roller
Crouching _____, Hidden Dragon
Metal links formed into a 'rope'
'Laughing' canine
Married to a king
The symbol '~'
Denim pants
You eat soup with it
Thin pancake
Opposite of divide or newspaper
Long story
Edible bud used in Mediterranean food
Book of maps
S on a compass
Pertaining to the Hellenic Republic
Opening used to eat, sneeze...
Valletta is its capital
16 ounces
The symbol ':'
Chinese endangered bear
_____ and Juliet
No colours of light reflected

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