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Someone who follows Queensbury rules
Makeup; French for 'red'
Simpsons mother
Holy table
'Laughing' canine
Crouching _____, Hidden Dragon
Simpsons father
Chin hair
Side of the face
Stomach lining of a cow
Big, or $1000
Denim pants
Long story
Stripy equine animal
Thin pancake
The symbol ','
Type of orange and Israeli port city
Married to a king
State of matter
Opposite of plus
Most populated country
What James and the insects lived in
S on a compass
Opposite of divide or newspaper
Something a teacher may shout to a noisy class
The Lone Star State
_____ and Juliet
The founder of the Christian faith
One 16th of a pound
In pole position
Edible bud used in Mediterranean food
Metal links formed into a 'rope'
Circular roller
You cut with it
Processed wood pulp
Language of the Netherlands
Borough of New York
You find them in decks, packs or suits
Yard brush
The symbol '~'
A type of beer fermented at low temperatures
Santiago is its capital
Valletta is its capital
Home of Toyota
Leaf on Canada's flag
One of Santa's reindeer; female fox
Front of torso
Prometheus and Cronus were two
Control-V or Command-V
Gold, silver, and bronze prizes
Element no. 5
_____ I, Elizabeth I's successor
Goes in the toaster
English greeting
A family of instruments and an alloy
All colours of light reflected
New Delhi is its capital
Chinese endangered bear
Bean used to make chocolate
You eat soup with it
Non-stripy equine animal
Opening used to eat, sneeze...
The symbol ':'
Celebration, festival
Bow's projectile
Book of maps
Pertaining to the Hellenic Republic
N on a compass
Where you get wool and mutton from
Dwarf planet
Brits call them crisps
No colours of light reflected
Goddess of love
Torso clothing
Sir Francis _____
Not male
A suit in cards
The Phantom of the _____
Capital of Egypt
16 ounces
Legend of _____; Ocarina of Time
A god, goddess, etc.

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