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Can you name the objects in the 'Before and After' grab bag?

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Countries: United Arab Emirates/Kyrgyzstan 
Countries: Swaziland/India 
Countries: Belarus/Macedonia 
Countries: Sri Lanka/Honduras 
Capitals: Havana/Dhaka 
Capitals: Juba/Luanda 
Capitals: Melekeok/Canberra 
Capitals: Washington/Ottawa 
Translated: Dragon/Crow 
Translated: Hunting Dogs/Compass (Mathematical) 
Translated: Arrow/Bull 
Translated : (Little) Fox/Lizard 
Beatles Songs
First Lines: Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup/(Title) (Title), what have you done? 
First Lines: You say yes, I say no/(Title), all my troubles seem so far away 
First Lines: It was twenty years ago today/I give her all my love 
First Lines: We were talking, about the space between us all/ Here I stand with head in hand 
Car Companies
Models: Cayenne, Carrera GT/Camaro, Corvette 
Models: 9-5, 9-7X/3-Series, SLK 
Models: Zafira, Vectra/Gallardo, Aventador 
Models: Delta, Stratos/Alfetta, Giulietta 

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