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Can you name the nouns that end in -ing?

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Clue-ing Noun
A structure with walls and a roof
A brother or sister
The front limbs of a bird
____ Crosby
Judgement Day, as is commonly referred to in the Bible
A sketch
Male monarch
The author of the Just So Stories and The Jungle Book
Fancy expensive jewellery
Winter Olympic sport involving heavy stone discs and brushes
Clue-ing Noun
Onomatopoeic word representing a till, or money
One of the seasons, or a fountain, or a bouncy metal coil
A general object
A young child that has transformed to a devil
The Mona Lisa or The Scream, for example
Stanley Kubrick film with Jack Nicholson, or the Stephen King novel of the same name
The sound of a bell
Between afternoon and night
British currency, pounds _________
The first half of the day

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