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Hints - MerlinAnswerHints - HP
Show Is About HimSpell That Produces Flames
Merlin's Elderly DiguiseWhere The Students Of Hogwarts Eat
Item Used To Kill The Fisher KingMagical Component Inside Harry Potter's Wand
Also Known As KilgharrahThis Has 12 Uses One Is A Powerful Cleaning Fluid
Merlin Favourite InsultProffesser Flitwick is This
Guardian Of The Unicorns Sluggish Potion Master
The Camelot ColoursThis Object Is Caught In Quidditch By The Seeker
This Large, Vicious, Snake like Creature Guards The Forest Of BalorThis Character Competes In The Triwizard Tournement
Hints - MerlinAnswerHints - HP
Ruthless Bandit Leader Who Tries To Kidnap Morgana The Magical Hospital
Spy Inside Camelot - Gwen's Hand MaidenThe Hufflepuff Ghost
Strong Friend Of Lancelot Spell That Unlocks Doors
Possessed PrincessVoldemort's Live Horcrux
Gwen's Brother Harry's Dad Was This
Morgana's Dragon Harry and Hermione cast this spell to strengthen their campsite's defences against intruders in Deathly Hallows
Character Who Speaks In Only Riddles And Rhyme - The Dark TowerDumbledore's Army Member Hannah's Last Name

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