50 Most Played Metallica Songs (as of 6/24/12)

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Can you name the 50 Most Played Metallica Songs (as of 6/24/12)?

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Number of Times PerformedMetallica SongAlbum
1402Master of Puppets
1353Ride the Lightning
1329Kill 'Em All
1258...And Justice For All
1239Ride the Lightning
1094Metallica (The Black Album)
1091Metallica (The Black Album)
1025Ride the Lightning
992Metallica (The Black Album)
859Kill 'Em All
851Master of Puppets
847Master of Puppets
792Garage Inc.
728Garage Inc.
724Metallica (The Black Album)
717...And Justice For All
513Kill 'Em All
434...And Justice For All
354Metallica (The Black Album)
308Garage Inc.
304Garage Inc.
299Ride the Lightning
286Kill 'Em All
285Ride the Lightning
Number of Times PerformedMetallica SongAlbum
284Master of Puppets
261Master of Puppets
246Metallica (The Black Album)
221Kill 'Em All
218Metallica (The Black Album)
213...And Justice For All
180St. Anger
170Death Magnetic
165St. Anger
164Kill 'Em All
153Death Magnetic
149Death Magnetic
149Death Magnetic
148Garage Inc.
148Kill 'Em All
146Death Magnetic
136Master of Puppets
124...And Justice For All
116Kill 'Em All
113Garage Inc.

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