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Les Mis Trivia

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Javert Swears by these
Final price for Cosettenumber only
Can't put the bottle down
Stolen from Marius
Color of Enjolras' vest
Grown up Eponine's first word Original Broadway production
Color of young eponine's hat
Bishop's town
Year the story begins
Thenardier's Daughter
HintAnswerExtra Info
Where the duke did that puke down the duchess's d├ęcolletage
Man trapped under the runaway cart
Last word of the show
Fantine sells this for 5 francs
Fight like how many armies?
Valjean's Address
Cosette's song cut/changed from the Original London production
Valjean's most prized possession is a pair of
Part of the horse used at the Thenardier's inn for food

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