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What does Geppetto give Pinocchio to give his teacher?
Who steals Woody in Toy Story 2?
Who is the leader of the CDA in Monsters, Inc.?
What part of Woody's body falls off?
How many theme parks can be found in Disneyland Paris?
What is Stitch's experiment number?
What does Facilier use to try and kill La Bouff in The Princess and the Frog?
What does Rapunzel use to tie up Flynn?
At the end of Aladdin the Genie is wearing what type of hat?
Where does Gaston lock Belle and Maurice when he leads the mob?
What is the name of the cat rescued by Mr. Incredible?
In Toy Story 3, where is the poker game held?
What is Jack, from the Nightmare Before Christmas, depressed?
In A Bug's Life, what is the name of the Queen's pet Aphid?
Who does Stitch use as an example of a model citizen?
On what planet does Jim and his mother live?
Who collected taxes in Robin Hood?
What does Pinocchio turn into on Pleasure Island?
Who guides the Aristocats back to Paris?
What name was The Lion King first called?
How long does it take a rider on Rock 'n' roller Coaster to go from 0-60 mph? (seconds)
Who is the meanest person in Halloween town?
What does the CDA do to George the monster when he has a sock stuck on him?
Where does Edgar intend to send the Aristocats the second time he captures them?
What does Ohana mean?
Where can the Disney Village complex be found?
How many snakes does Celia have in her hair?
Rapunzel uses her hair to heal Flynn who has a cut where?
What is Mushu's job in the temple before meeting Mulan?
What does Aurora prick her finger on?
What does Jack disquise himself as when he goes to Christmas Town?
Where does Pascal lick Flynn Ryder?
Who is Captain Hook's arch nemesis?
What Toy Story was Buttercup introduced?
Who do the Boogie Boys bring to Jack instead of Sandy Claws?
Who is Buzz Lighteryear's father?
Who created Sally?
What is the name of Ratigan's cat in The Great Mouse Detective?
What is Bud Robinson's motto?
What is the longest Disney Pixar Movie?
Who does Lilo bite at Dance Class?
What are the names of Madame Medusa's pet crocodiles?
Who is Cap. Hook's first mate?
Who freed Kenai from the bear trap?
What Disney Classic won an Acemdemy Award in 1941?
What does the Magic 8 Ball read when Woody asks, 'Will Andy pick me?'?
What is the name of Charles Muntz's airship?
What movie does the villian, Bomb Voyage, make an apperance in? (Pixar)
What does Jafar turn himslef into after becoming the Most Powerfule Socerer?
In The Emperor's New Groove, Kronk can talk to what kind of animal?
What is Ursula's signature song?
What color dress does Anastasia, Cinderella's stepsister, wear to the ball?
Stitch appears in parodies of four different movies. Name one.
What is the name of Sally's Motel in Cars?
What is Gill's nickname for Nemo?
What is the name of Jasmine's tiger?
What is the name of the restaurant where Lady and the Tramp eat Spaghetti?
What was the original name for Car's?
With what does Eric fatally stab Ursula?
How many sister's does Thumper have?
What is the name of the train ride found in Disneyland and Disneyland Paris?
Which Disney World theme park has two entrances?

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