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Can you name the movies (beginning with O) when given 3 of the characters?

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CharactersMovie TitleYear
Rusty Ryan, Danny Ocean, Linus Caldwell2001
Peter Gibbons, Michael Bolton, Milton Waddams1999
Felix Ungar, Oscar Madison, Cecily Pigeon1968
Frank 'The Tank' Ricard, Mitch 'The Godfather' Martin, Bernard 'Beanie' Campbell2003
Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny Cade, Cherry Valance1983
Ulysses Everett McGill, Pete Hogwallop, Delmar O'Donnell2000
Robert Thorn, Mrs. Baylock, Damien Thorn1976
James Bond, Kamal Khan, General Orlov1983
George Milton, Lennie Small, Curley1992
Allen Gamble, Terry Hoitz, David Ershon2010
Fagin, Bill Sikes, Nancy1968
RJ*, Verne*, Hammy*2006
CharactersMovie TitleYear
Homer Hickam, Frieda Riley, Roy Lee Cooke1999
Randle McMurphy, Nurse Ratched, 'Chief' Bromden 1975
Dan Rayburn, Charlie Reed, Jimmy Lunchbox2009
Melanie Parker, Jack Taylor, Sammy Parker1996
Dodger*, Rita*, Jenny Foxworth*1988
Timothy 'Dildo' Dunphy, Jane Weston, Drugs Delaney1999
Curly, Ado Annie, Laurey1955
James Bond, Countess Tracy di Vicenzo, Ernst Stavro Blofeld1969
Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, Mary Boleyn2008
Jerry Landers, God, Sam Raven1977
Norman Thayer, Ethel Thayer, Chelsea Wayne1981
Hoops McCann, Cassandra Eldridge, Ack-Ack Raymond1986

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