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Can you name the missing middle initial of these well-known people?

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First nameMiddle initialLast Name
WilliamMacy (actor)
GeorgeScott (actor/director/producer)
MaryBlige (singer/songwriter)
JohnReilly (actor)
CraigNelson (actor)
SusanAnthony (American civil rights activist)
MichaelFox (actor)
RobertHeinlein (author)
HarryTruman (33rd United States President)
First nameMiddle initialLast Name
John Rockefeller (American oil magnate)
HomerSimpson (fictional t.v. dad)
SamuelJackson (actor)
MichaelSmith (singer/songwriter)
BookerWashington (American author/political leader)
EdwardMurrow (American broadcast journalist)
RobertLee (American civil war general)
UlyssesGrant (18th United States President)
WilliamBuckley, Jr. (author/commentator)

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