Wheel of Time - Aes Sedai and Warders

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Can you name the Wheel of Time - Aes Sedai and Warders?

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Aes SedaiWarderFirst Revealed
Siuan Sanche (Current Warder)The Gathering Storm
Siuan Sanche (Previous Warder)The Shadow Rising
Verin MathwinThe Great Hunt
Leane Sharif (Previous Warder)Lord of Chaos
Moiraine DamodredNew Spring
Rina Hafden (Previous Warder)New Spring
Rina Hafden (Second Warder)New Spring
Vandene NamelleThe Great Hunt
Sheriam BayanarThe Fires of Heaven
Corele HovianWinter's Heart
Aes SedaiWarderFirst Revealed
Rafela CindalLord of Chaos
Sarene NemdahlLord of Chaos
HattoriThe Gathering Storm
VashaThe Gathering Storm
DaigianWinter's Heart
AnaiyaThe Path of Daggers
Merise Haindehl (Asha'man)Winter's Heart
Samitsu TamagawaA Crown of Swords
Alanna Mosvani (Previous Warder)The Shadow Rising
Alanna Mosvani (Current Warder, not Rand)The Shadow Rising

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