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AgeFOX-y Lady
EthnicityLots of episodes
Calls Cleveland this after Cleveland gets spin-offAmerican Dad episode
Once married toI Take Thee Quagmire
First NameMeet The Quagmires
Owns what kind of planeMother Tucker
Only thing that doesn't turn him onBaby Not On Board
Female Child NameQuagmire's Baby
Character in Star WarsBlue Harvest
Did what job for Actress Sandy DuncanJungle Love
Name of street lives onLots of episodes
CatchphraseLots of episodes
Favorite BarLots of episodes
Reasons for Hating BrianJerome Is the New Black
Cat's Name420
Favorite TV Show Whistle While Your Wife Works
HobbyLots of episodes
Hair ColorLots of episodes
CrushLots of episodes
Fathers NameQuagmire's Dad
Age Hiding SecretFOX-y Lady
OccupationLots of epidoes
Brings this girl to James Woods MansionAnd Then There Were Fewer
Pants ColorLots of episodes
Wears This Shirt AlwaysLots of episodes
Fetish Lots of episodes
Height FOX-y Lady

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