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Can you name the movie from a character, its location and an item from the movie?

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Person, Place, ThingMovie
Marty MacFly/Hill Valley, CA/A DeLorean Time Machine
Captain Dallas/The 'Nostromo'/A 'Face-hugger'
Stu/Las Vegas, NV/Mike Tyson's pet tiger
Mookie/Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY/A boombox
Jake Sully/Pandora/Unobtainium
Nancy Thompson/Elm Street, Springwood/A glove with knives attached
Leatherface/A Texan house near a swimming-hole/A meathook
Frodo Baggins/Mordor/Eye of Sauron
Andy Dufresne/Shawshank State Penitentiary, Maine/A rock hammer
Staff Sergeant Raymond Shaw/Manchuria, China and the United States/The Queen of Diamonds
Mike Wazowski/Monstropolis/Closet doors
Antonius Black/Sweden/A chess board
Bert/London/A magical flying umbrella
Person, Place, ThingMovie
Paul/Death Row, Cold Mountain Penitentiary/A resurrected mouse
Jeff 'The Dude' Lebowski/Los Angeles, CA/A bowling ball
Elliott/California/Flying bikes
Joe Bradley/Rome/A Vespa Scooter
Phil Connors/Punxsutawney, PA/A groundhog named Phil
Kevin Flynn/ENCOM Mainframe/Light Cycles
Mr Miyagi/Reseda, Los Angeles, CA/A bonsai tree
Dr. Zaius/Earth/The burnt Statue of Liberty
Peter Gibbons/Initech/A red Swingline stapler
Jules Winnfield/Los Angeles, CA/A ball-gag
Danny Zuko/Rydell High School/A drive-in theatre
Norman Bates/Bates Motel/Shower

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