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This band got their name / From an Austrian Archduke / And sang 'Take Me Out'
This West Coast rapper / Has released twelve full albums / Posthumous - Seven!
Pre-pubescent fans / Once leaked a troll's phone number / Never say never...
Name is acronym / Swedish pop group's songs are used / In 'Mamma Mia!'
Hit song 'Paranoid' / A dark Jewish holy day? / Ozzy's high... again.
Leader singer Freddie / Wrote power ballads such as / 'We are the Champions'
This English duo / Gave you their hearts 'Last Christmas' / You gave it away
These punk pioneers / Came across to some as quite / Rotten or Vicious.
R'n'B girl band / Had a hit with 'Waterfalls' / Get no love from scrubs.
Jim, Ray, John, Robby / Have seen some very 'Strange Days' / (No, it's not Take That)
Karen, Nick and Brian / Indie band from NYC / 'Maps' and 'Skeletons'
Hit charts with 'Daylight' / VMA for 'Lessons Learned' / No time for 'Cameras'
Pretentious to some / Great indie band to others / Chris Martin sings lead.
This band's masterpiece / is 'The Dark Side of the Moon' / Leave us kids alone!
Singer-songwriter / Sang of music dying in / 'American Pie'
R'n'B solo / Had seven number one hits / In Noughties alone
'City of Angels' / Used their hit song 'Iris' / They've seen 'Better Days'
Plays Accordion / Does parodies and polkas / Is 'White and Nerdy'
The legendary / Kurt Cobain fronted this band / Not sure? Nevermind.
Sixties surf-rock band / But last hit was in Eighties / Guess they 'Get Around'

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