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Can you name the famous or popular Sporcle games from their (approximate) synonyms?

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SynonymSporcle GameCategory
Conversation AbbreviationsEntertainment
Numerical Characters owned by 3.14159...Science
Film PlacardsMovies
Small ArithmeticScience
Identify that Humorous ProgrammeTelevision
Pre and PostMiscellaneous
Tri-Letter Anatomical BitsEntertainment
Solo to CenturyJust For Fun
Realms of Icy ContinentGeography
SynonymSporcle GameCategory
Household BlokeTelevision
Big Company InsigniaEntertainment
Ancient DeitiesReligion
Nations belonging to the GlobeGeography
Septet of Grubby ExpressionsEntertainment
Most Frequent British TermsLanguage
Calm LocutionsLanguage
Regular ChartScience
American LeadersHistory

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