England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales

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Can you name the country of origin for these items that either come from England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales?

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Who? What? Where?Country
James I/VI- Monarch
Birmingham - City
Five Sisters of Kintail - Landmark
Elizabeth I - Monarch
St. Andrew - Patron Saint
God Save The Queen - National Anthem
Tudor Rose - National Symbol
St. Patrick - Patron Saint
Flower of {Country's Name} - Anthem
Holyhead - City
St Giles' Church - Landmark
Thistle - National Symbol
Twin Town - Film
The King's Speech - Film
The Proclaimers - Band
St. George - Patron Saint
Who? What? Where?Country
The Beatles - Band
Clover - National Symbol
Londonderry Air - Anthem
Big Ben - Landmark
The Commitments - Film
Daffodil or Leek - National Symbol
Mary McAleese - President
Trainspotting - Film
Tywysog Cymru - Monarchic Position
The Script - Band
Giant's Causeway - Landmark
Edinburgh - City
Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau - Anthem
St. David - Patron Saint
Lostprophets - Band
Dublin - City

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