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HIJKLMNO (5)Substance
A capital city in Czechoslovakia (4)Place
Nice pain (6,5)Food
It's elemental, my homie. Still looking cool at 35? (7)Substance
Very sad unfinished story about rising smoke? (8)Adjective
The flower of Brazil? (6)Place
Start of do-gooder canine. (3)Organism
GSGE (9,4)Food
Restrain monarch managing cash. (7) Money
Initially, such perfect origins return cleverly led (everytime!) quizzes. (7) Cool
Disdain novel endlessly. (3)Exclamation
Heavy metal riff (4)Substance
Giver of light, with a wicked heart. (6)Object
Party night for letters? Must aggravate antlered beast. (4)Organism

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