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Middle English: Peche
Spanish (alteration): Guayaba
Old French: Crape + Latin: Fructus
Middle English: Lim
Spanish: Papai
Malay: Duri
Maori fruit, named after a same-named bird
Middle English: Meloun
Middle English: Raspen + Middle English: Berye
Greek: Kerasos; French: Cherise (plural)
Middle English: Pere
Old Norse: Apall, Epli
Old French: Crape
Middle English: Blakberie
Middle English: Pinappel
Old High German: Wazzar + Middle English: Meloun
Medieval and New Latin: Clementius
Old French: Figue
Arabic: Naranj Middle English: Orenge
Mandingo: Bananda
Portuguese: Manga
Arabic: Laymun
Old English: Streawberige
Spanish (modification): Aguacate

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