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Description of FlagCountry
A white star in a light blue background
Two red stripes and a white stripe with a red leaf in the center
White background with a red circle towards the center
Three rectangles ordered from blue to white to red
White background crossed with blue intersecting lines
A red rectangle, a white rectangle and another red rectangle aligned horizontally
Blue background with six stars and a smaller version of the Union Jack flag.
The entire flag is made of green
Just two red and white rectangles on top of each other
A blue isosceles with two red and white trapezoids
A yellow star in a red background
Red and white stripes with a blue rectangle embedded with stars
One black, one red and one yellow rectangle, lined up horizontally
Description of FlagCountry
Five colors stretching to a vanishing point in the lower left-hand corner
Two green rectangles separated by a white rectangle
White background with two light blue parallel stripes and the Star of David in the center
A red background crossed with white intersecting lines
A red background crossed with white-outlined blue intersecting lines
A red background with a white cross in the center
Three thick stripes of white, black and blue
Three vertical rectangles, one colored green, another white and the last red
Italy's colors, just horizontally
The Union Jack
A blue background crossed with yellow intersecting lines
A blue, a yellow, and a red rectangle lined up vertically

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