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Description of FlagCountry
Three rectangles ordered from blue to white to red
A red background crossed with white-outlined blue intersecting lines
Two red stripes and a white stripe with a red leaf in the center
One black, one red and one yellow rectangle, lined up horizontally
Three thick stripes of white, black and blue
Two green rectangles separated by a white rectangle
The entire flag is made of green
Red and white stripes with a blue rectangle embedded with stars
A red rectangle, a white rectangle and another red rectangle aligned horizontally
The Union Jack
A white star in a light blue background
Three vertical rectangles, one colored green, another white and the last red
Italy's colors, just horizontally
Description of FlagCountry
White background with a red circle towards the center
A red background crossed with white intersecting lines
White background crossed with blue intersecting lines
Five colors stretching to a vanishing point in the lower left-hand corner
A blue isosceles with two red and white trapezoids
A blue background crossed with yellow intersecting lines
Just two red and white rectangles on top of each other
A yellow star in a red background
White background with two light blue parallel stripes and the Star of David in the center
A red background with a white cross in the center
Blue background with six stars and a smaller version of the Union Jack flag.
A blue, a yellow, and a red rectangle lined up vertically

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