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Can you name the words that have exactly 2 or 3 P's in them?

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Has 3 P's
A good pair with salt 
A spiny, sweet fruit from the genus of Ananas 
Has 2 P's
A fruit that was first grown in Turkey and now has over 700 different types 
A thin material used to write on 
A craving for anything; especially food 
Has 3 P's
Last name of a famous fictitious character from a Disney movie that came out in 1964 
Has 2 P's
Usually 3-5 sentences joined written about the same topic altogether 
To make before an occurrence; to make ready before an event 
This art's conclusion can be one of digital, black and white, or developed 
A beautiful gemstone that can be (more commonly) blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange, or green 
A treat that is usually coated with butter or cheese that is served at the movie theater; it was first invented by the Mayans 
A fruit whose skin is yellow, and contains many black seeds in the middle 
A measurement for the number of inhabitants in an area 

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