My Babysitter's a Vampire Characters

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CharacteristicsCharacter NameActor
1) The main character of the series. He is a 'seer'.Matthew Knight
2) #1's best friend. He is a spellmaster.Atticus Mitchell
3) She was bitten by her ex-boyfriend and is now a 'fledgling'. She babysits #6.Vanessa Morgan
4) #1 and #2's geeky, dimwitted vampire friend.Cameron Kennedy
5) #3's best friend who is also a vampire.Kate Todd
6) #1's 8 year old sister. She is babysitted by #3.Ella Jonas Farlinger
7) #1 and #6's mom. #8's wife.Laura DeCateret
8) #1 and #6's dad. #7's husband.Ari Cohen
9) #2's grandmother. She is an Earth PriestessJoan Gregson

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