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Dec's biggest fear
First album they released under their real names
Name of their autobiography
The Monkees' song they covered
2006 film they starred in
2003 Richard Curtis rom-com they made a cameo in
Highest charting single
Programme that Ant's made his first television appearance on aged 11
Football team they both support
Children's programme on which they met
Dec's character in their 2006 film
First programme they presented in 1994
Ant's middle name
The older of the pair
Who they presented SMTV Live & CD:UK with
PJ & Duncan's first album
Reality show they began presenting in 2002
Family gameshow they presented that began in 2010
Programme they presented to celebrate 50 years of ITV
BBC One game show they presented from 1999-2001
2006 ITV gameshow they created
Name of fictional band they originally sang 'Tonight I'm Free' with
Catchphrase of Saturday Night Takeaway
Dec's middle names
Ant's character in their 2006 film
The taller of the pair
Friends parody they did on SMTV Live
Children's animation they lent their voices to
Their song which features backing vocals from Erasure's Andy Bell
Classic programme they re-made playing Terry Collier and Bob Ferris
Either of the presenters of the Ant vs Dec segment of Saturday Night Takeaway
Band that Ant's wife Lisa was in
Name of their World Cup 2002 theme song
2008 gameshow they presented in the US
Dec's catchphrase on Wonkey Donkey
What PJ stands for
1998 Channel 4 children's programme they presented
Board game they had their biggest argument over
What PJ was blinded by
PJ & Duncan's second album
Presenter of Britain's Got Talent spin-off show

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