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Can you name the NFL team that fits the clue?

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Has played in both the AFC and NFC (post-merger)?
Drafted a player from Fresno State in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft?
The Bengals have played in a Super Bowl?
That have played in a Super Bowl at Reliant Stadium?
Have had a player kick a 93 yard punt?
Have not won a division title in exactly 11 years (as of the 2010 season)?
Jason Babin played for before 2010?
That drafted Pat Riley?
That plays in Orchard Park?
That went 7-9 in the 2010 season, but did not win their division?
Won exactly 1 Super Bowl in the 1970s (1970 season to 1979)?
Peyton Manning has never beaten?
The Patriots lost to during the 2010 season?
That have played home games in Memorial Coliseum?
Allowed 104 sacks in the 1986 season?
That has a 'V' in its team (not city) name?
Is undefeated in Super Bowls (and have played in at least one)?
Curtis Martin has played for?
Have had a player rush and receive 1,000 yards in a season?
Had a player throw 40 touchdowns in a season before 2000?
That the all-time NFL points leader played for?
Made the AFC Championship 5 straight times?
Is 4-0 in the NFC Championship game all-time?
The NFL's all-time leader in receptions played most of his games for?
Had 4 2-point conversions in one game?

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