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CharacteristicCityPopulation (est.)
Is located above the Arctic Circle?325,000
Is located more than 10,000 feet above sea level?1,200,000
Is located in the southern hemisphere?26,100,000
Is located on the equator?2,300,000
Has a population density greater than 10,000 people per square kilometer?22,600,000
Is located in a -stan country?20,750,000
Does not use the metric system?20,500,000
CharacteristicCityPopulation (est.)
Speaks Portuguese?20,200,000
Is located in Africa?17,800,000
Speaks Spanish?19,500,000
Does not have a metro/subway?20,800,000
Drives on the left?37,150,000
Located in a state that is not represented in the UN?3,950,000
That was a major city in 1000 BC?5,300,000

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