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Method of DeathMovieActor/ Actress
Shot in head by alter egoBrad Pitt
Hangs himself after realising he's been institutionalisedJames Whitmore
Reduced to a skeleton by alien weaponryMicheal J Fox
Arms and legs cut off, then partially eaten by own wolfhound, then finally decapitatedElijah Wood
Shoots self in the head with a rifleVincent D'Onofrio
Gets his eyes impaled by his own creationJoe Turkel
Thrown off the Nakatomi SkyscraperAlan Rickman
Pulled apart by vampiresErnest Liu
Stabbed in the back by a severed possessed hand.Sarah Berry
Rides a H-bomb to the groundSlim Pickens
Stabbed in the chest with an axeScatman Crothers
Five Point Palm Exploding TechniqueDavid Carridane

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