League of Legends Champion Abilities M-Z

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Can you name the League of Legends Champion Abilities M-Z?

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Miss Fortune Innate
Miss Fortune Q
Miss Fortune W
Miss Fortune E
Miss Fortune Ultimate
Mordekaiser Innate
Mordekaiser Q
Mordekaiser W
Mordekaiser E
Mordekaiser Ultimate
Morgana Innate
Morgana Q
Morgana W
Morgana E
Morgana Ultimate
Nasus Innate
Nasus Q
Nasus W
Nasus E
Nasus Ultimate
Nidalee Innate
Nidalee Q
Cougar Q
Nidalee W
Cougar W
Nidalee E
Cougar E
Nidalee Ultimate
Nunu Innate
Nunu Q
Nunu W
Nunu E
Nunu Ultimate
Olaf Innate
Olaf Q
Olaf W
Olaf E
Olaf Ultimate
Pantheon Innate
Pantheon Q
Pantheon W
Pantheon E
Pantheon Ultimate
Poppy Innate
Poppy Q
Poppy W
Poppy E
Poppy Ultimate
Rammus Innate
Rammus Q
Rammus W
Rammus E
Rammus Ultimate
Ryze Innate
Ryze Q
Ryze W
Ryze E
Ryze Ultimate
Shaco Innate
Shaco Q
Shaco W
Shaco E
Shaco Ultimate
Shen Innate
Shen Q
Shen W
Shen E
Shen Ultimate
Singed Innate
Singed Q
Singed W
Singed E
Singed Ultimate
Sion Innate
Sion Q
Sion W
Sion E
Sion Ultimate
Sivir Innate
Sivir Q
Sivir W
Sivir E
Sivir Ultimate
Sona Innate
Sona Q
Sona W
Sona E
Sona Ultimate
Soraka Innate
Soraka Q
Soraka W
Soraka E
Soraka Ultimate
Swain Innate
Swain Q
Swain W
Swain E
Swain Ultimate
Taric Innate
Taric Q
Taric W
Taric E
Taric Ultimate
Teemo Innate
Teemo Q
Teemo W
Teemo E
Teemo Ultimate
Tristana Innate
Tristana Q
Tristana W
Tristana E
Tristana Ultimate
Trundle Innate
Trundle Q
Trundle W
Trundle E
Trundle Ultimate
Tryndamere Innate
Tryndamere Q
Tryndamere W
Tryndamere E
Tryndamere Ultimate
Twisted Fate Innate
Twisted Fate Q
Twisted Fate W
Twisted Fate E
Twisted Fate Ultimate
Twitch Innate
Twitch Q
Twitch W
Twitch E
Twitch Ultimate
Udyr Innate
Udyr Q
Udyr W
Udyr E
Udyr R
Urgot Innate
Urgot Q
Urgot W
Urgot E
Urgot Ultimate
Veigar Innate
Veigar Q
Veigar W
Veigar E
Veigar Ultimate
Vladimir Innate
Vladimir Q
Vladimir W
Vladimir E
Vladimir Ultimate
Warwick Innate
Warwick Q
Warwick W
Warwick E
Warwick Ultimate
Xin Zhao Innate
Xin Zhao Q
Xin Zhao W
Xin Zhao E
Xin Zhao Ultimate
Zilean Innate
Zilean Q
Zilean W
Zilean E
Zilean Ultimate

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