League of Legends Abilities A-M

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Akali Innate
Akali Q
Akali W
Akali E
Akali Ultimate
Alistar Innate
Alistar Q
Alistar W
Alistar E
Alistar Ultimate
Amumu Innate
Amumu Q
Amumu W
Amumu E
Amumu Ultimate
Anivia Innate
Anivia Q
Anivia W
Anivia E
Anivia Ultimate
Annie Innate
Annie Q
Annie W
Annie E
Annie Ultimate
Ashe Innate
Ashe Q
Ashe W
Ashe E
Ashe Ultimate
Blitzcrank Innate
Blitzcrank Q
Blitzcrank W
Blitzcrank E
Blitzcrank Ultimate
Caitlyn Innate
Caitlyn Q
Caitlyn W
Caitlyn E
Caitlyn Ultimate
Cassiopeia Innate
Cassiopeia Q
Cassiopeia W
Cassiopeia E
Cassiopeia Ultimate
Cho'Gath Innate
Cho'Gath Q
Cho'Gath W
Cho'Gath E
Cho'Gath Ultimate
Corki Innate
Corki Q
Corki W
Corki E
Corki Ultimate
Dr. Mundo Innate
Dr. Mundo Q
Dr. Mundo W
Dr. Mundo E
Dr. Mundo Ultimate
Evelynn Innate
Evelynn Q
Evelynn W
Evelynn E
Evelynn Ultimate
Ezreal Innate
Ezreal Q
Ezreal W
Ezreal E
Ezreal Ultimate
Fiddlesticks Innate
Fiddlesticks Q
Fiddlesticks W
Fiddlesticks E
Fiddlesticks Ultimate
Galio Innate
Galio Q
Galio W
Galio E
Galio Ultimate
Gangplank Innate
Gangplank Q
Gangplank W
Gangplank E
Gangplank Ultimate
Garen Innate
Garen Q
Garen W
Garen E
Garen Ultimate
Gragas Innate
Gragas Q
Gragas W
Gragas E
Gragas Ultimate
Heimerdinger Innate
Heimerdinger Q
Heimerdinger W
Heimerdinger E
Heimerdinger Ultimate
Irelia Innate
Irelia Q
Irelia W
Irelia E
Irelia Ultimate
Janna Innate
Janna Q
Janna W
Janna E
Janna Ultimate
Jax Innate
Jax Q
Jax W
Jax E
Jax Ultimate
Karthus Innate
Karthus Q
Karthus W
Karthus E
Karthus Ultimate
Kassadin Innate
Kassadin Q
Kassadin W
Kassadin E
Kassadin Ultimate
Katarina Innate
Katarina Q
Katarina W
Katarina E
Katarina Ultimate
Kayle Innate
Kayle Q
Kayle W
Kayle E
Kayle Ultimate
Kennen Innate
Kennen Q
Kennen W
Kennen E
Kennen Ultimate
Kog'Maw Innate
Kog'Maw Q
Kog'Maw W
Kog'Maw E
Kog'Maw Ultimate
LeBlanc Innate
LeBlanc Q
LeBlanc W
LeBlanc E
LeBlanc Ultimate
Lux Innate
Lux Q
Lux W
Lux E
Lux Ultimate
Malphite Innate
Malphite Q
Malphite W
Malphite E
Malphite Ultimate
Malzahar Innate
Malzahar Q
Malzahar W
Malzahar E
Malzahar Ultimate
Master Yi Innate
Master Yi Q
Master Yi W
Master Yi E
Master Yi Ultimate

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