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Can you name the Former & present Dunder-Mifflin employees' last names?

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First NameLast NameJob Description
AndySales Rep. (Season 3-present)
AngelaSenior Accountant (Season 1-present)
CharlesVP of Northeast Region (Season 5-present)
CreedQuality Assurance Rep. (Season 1-present)
DanRegional Manager - Buffalo (Season 2-5)
DarrylWarehouse Foreman (Season 1-present)
DavidCFO (Season 2-present)
DevonSupplier Relations Rep. (Season 1)
DwightSales Rep. (Season 1-present)
EdFormer Regional Manager - Scranton - retired (pre-Season 1; seen in Season 2; died in Season 3)
Erin (Kelly)Receptionist (Season 5-present)
HannahAccountant - Stamford (Season 3); Accountant - Scranton (Season 3)
HollyHuman Resources Rep. - Scranton (Seasons 4-5); Human Resources Rep. - Nashua (Season 5-present)
JanVP of Regional Sales (Seasons 1-3)
JerryWarehouse Dock Worker (Season 1)
JimSales Rep. (Seasons 1-3), Assistant Regional Manager - Stamford (Season 3); Assistant Regional Manager - Scranton (Seasons 3-5); Co-Manager - Scranton(Season 6-present)
JoshRegional Manager - Stamford (Seasons 1-3; not seen until Season 2)
KarenSales Rep. - Stamford (Season 3); Sales Rep. - Scranton (Season 3); Regional Manager - Utica (Season 4-present)
First NameLast NameJob Description
KellyCustomer Service Rep. (Season 1-present)
KevinAccountant (Season 1-present)
MadgeWarehouse Dock Worker (Season 1-present)
MartinSupplier Relations Rep. - Stamford (Season 3); Supplier Relations Rep. - Scranton (Season 3)
MeredithSupplier Relations Rep. (Season 1-present)
MichaelRegional Manager -Scranton (Seasons 1-5); President|Founder of The Michael _____ Paper Company (Season 5); Co-Manager - Scranton (Season 6-present)
OscarAccountant (Season 1-present)
PamReceptionist (Seasons 1-5); Sales Rep., The Michael _____ Paper Company (Season 5); Sales Rep. (Season 5-present)
PhyllisSales Rep. (Season 1-present)
RoyWarehouse Dock Worker (Seasons 1-3)
RyanTemp (Seasons 1-2); Junior Sales Associate (Season 3); VP, Northeast Region and Director of New Media (Season 4); Temp & Fill-in Receptionist (Season 5); Salesman, The Michael _____ Paper Company (Season 5); Temp & Sales Rep. (Season 5-Present)
StanleySales Rep. (Season 1-present)
TobyHuman Resources Rep. (Season 1-present)
ToddTravelling Sales Rep. (Season 1-present?; unseen since Season 2)
TomAccountant (pre-Season 1; never seen, committed suicide)
Tonyunknown - Stamford (Season 3); unknown - Scranton (Season 3)
TroyBanking, Corporate Office (Season 4)

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