Potato Varieties by Cryptic Clue

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Can you name the varieties of potato by the cryptic clues given?

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Cryptic CluePotatoInitial
Wait, so it’s a type of nut and a potato?A_____
This potato has been responsible for the death of many snowboardersA_____
A potato wearing a dark-brown coloured school jacket?B_____ R_____
Take a rough guess for this potatoE_____
Sounds like this is the highest potato in WalesS_____
These potatoes have names –Jane, Mary and VictoriaB_____ Q_____
You might catch conjunctivitis from this kind of potatoP_____ E_____
A potato that will wake you up in the morningR_____
In parts of the UK this potato can be used to repair your bootsI_____ C_____
A Venetian violin playing potato, eaten in all four seasonsV_____
This potato is all about taste, a bit like a Public EnemyF_____
A potato with good ideasI_____
It sounds like this potato would be soaring in the skyK_____
You’d get huge fries from one of theseM_____
It’s amazing how this first-place potato can become a WotsitG_____ W_____
The best potato ever, better than your potatoS_____
Da Vinci created a famous portrait of this enigmatically smiling potato variety M_____
Hug lords for a financially rewarding potato varietyG_____
It helps to act Latin around this watery potatoA_____
Just rearrange your meals, and sometimes eaten with a meat Patty?S_____
A potato to go down in the history books, or on tapeR_____
There’s something fishy about this potato...P_____
A potato that is king of his own islandJ_____ R_____

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