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Phoebe's song about the cat: Stinky Cat, Alley Cat, Smelly Cat
One of Joey's sisters: Diana, Dina, Delilah
Number of babies Monica and Chandler have: 1, 2, or 3
Chandler's middle name: Muriel, Maxim, Marcel
Apartment numbers: 19 & 20, 24 & 25, 9 & 10
Rachel's profession: fashion, actress, chef
Ross's second wife: Rachel, Charlie, Emily
Courteney Cox's Character: Emily, Rachel, Monica
Phoebe's nephew: Frank The Third, Frank Jr., Frank Jr. Jr.
Ross and Rachel's daughter: Ella, Ava, Emma
Joey's profession: actor, singer, writer
Birds belonging to Joey and Chandler: Chick and Duck, Duck and Goose, Goose and Parrot

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