Akatsuki Members by Description *SPOILER ALERT*

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DescriptionAkatsuki Member
He's got lines on his face, bleeding eyes, a terrible past, and a little brother that hates him.
Maybe she should take up origami instead.
Blond, art-obssessed pyro.
Turned himself into a puppet.
Always seeking revenge. Always.
Part white man, part black man, part... plant?
Needs to see a psychologist for his split-personality disorder.
DescriptionAkatsuki Member
Immortal masochist.
Fish. That's all that needs to be said. He's a fish.
Too many piercings. Waaaayy too many piercings
Freaky spiral mask that only reveals one eye
Freaky pointy teeth.
Kills his partners with his Avatar powers.
Weirdest female hair ever. Spiky on one side and straight on the other.

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